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We are a one stop website selling a range of vinyl records and cd  form the fifties and sixties to the present day. All of our records and CDs Items are second hand and sourced from various places all vinyl is checked and professionally cleaned to the best of our ability. Our CDs are also cleaned and checked with any broken jewel cases being replaced with brand new ones. Please check us out and if we don't have what you want please contact us and I'm sure we can make you happy getting that long lost vinyl,  cd or even that special DVD.  Please be aware again that all DVDS and Vinyl are second hand and  extreme quality checks before registering on the website


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my name is Micheal Foxworth a vinyl record collector for over 19yrs. It has been a passion of mine since I was a very young.boy my knowledge stems from my parents who collected 50s and 60s music which I grew up listening to  until I bought my first record which was 10p from a jumble sale all scratched and noisy  but still have it today as a reminder of my first vinyl record. It is my passion and I want to bring this to you, as I have always believed that having the physical album or single brings a person great joy to hear the music how it was supposed to be listened to. 


“I was amazed by the wide selection of vinyl records and DVDs available on this website. The delivery was quick and the customer service was excellent. I highly recommend Vinyl and DVD Demand UK Ltd to all music and movie enthusiasts!”

Sarah H.

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